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~Melancholia IV~


Download Super Metroid Melancholia IV

Author: FullOfFail
Release Date: September 7th, 2013

This hack is very casual. No advanced skills are required. Might be a good recommendation for newer players.I used default tilesets in this, with varying results. Some rooms are inspired by the original, others have my own twist on them. I changed the mechanics slightly, but in ways I felt enhanced game-play, but wouldn't dramatically alter it in ways that would change the default experience. It starts off slow, but after a few upgrades the hack really starts to open up.

I made this in a month, so it's far from perfect, but I'm satisfied with the result. I'm also proud to announce that it won the contest. For the best experience, play alone in the dark. There's a few things in it that are... unexpected.

It's 20 rooms, and this hack is 100% completable.

~Super Mega-Metroid X-2~


Download Super Mega-Metroid X-2

Author: FullOfFail
Release Date: November 12th, 2013

This is a linear hack that highly requires save-state abuse and pretty much all skills. You have 1 hp through-out the entire game, and it's a spike-fest. If that wasn't sadistic enough, you can't die, ever. The game has a glitch where you get stuck in the ship and need to reload the rom. This was only made for TASers, but other regular players liked it, so if it's your cup-of-tea, have at it.

Also, I should note that most areas have two paths. Technically, you'd have to beat this twice to experience the full-game.



Download Super Metroid Celestriaus III

Author: FullOfFail
Release Date: June 6th, 2014

This hack was made for Week 2 of the Metroid Construction Mini-Contest Tournament.
The objective of the contest was to use the Spike Enemy submitted by the creator of the contest (Scyzer).
This room was made sparingly over the course of three weeks.